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Wanderlink Charity Campaign Help the Mokens

The Mokens are an Austronesian ethnic group who still maintain their sea-based culture until today.  They live a primitive-ish live and have their own tribal language.  There are fewer than 3,000 Mokens left on our planet, but on South Surin Island of the West Coast of Thailand there are only about 200.  Over 100 are children.

South Surin Island is 60km off the coast.  The Mokens build their huts on stilts by hands and each hut only lasts for 3 years.  There is no phone or internet reception, and the electricity generator only works between 6pm to 10pm each day.  Therefore, the Moken’s living condition isn’t ideal, and the children are not receiving decent education.

Out of all the Mokens on this island, around 20 “teenagers” work as boat crew for boat tour companies in Phuket and Phang-Nga provinces, and send their income to support their families.  They work for 6 months each year and base on mainland, but stay in their island village for another 6 months during the Monsoon season.  This means that, for 6 months every year, the Mokens have no income whatsoever.

Watch a quick video on the Moken Sea Gypsy way of life

Due to rough weather conditions during the Monsoon season, it is very dangerous (hence most of the time not possible) for the Mokens to travel to mainland to work or to purchase living essentials.  At the moment, Wanderlink and friends are working on some fundraising activities to help improve the quality of life of the Mokens.  We see that this community faces the same problems every year during the 6-month Monsoon period: insufficient food and medicinal supply, poor hygiene and lack of educational materials. While having no intentions in changing their traditions and lifestyle, we aim to help them fix these problems.

Wanderlink Charity Campaign Help the Mokens

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